I see both adults and adolescents aged 14+. People come to see me for many reasons. Some have questions about beginning, ending or continuing relationships. Others are facing major life transitions and want support as they move forward. Some people feel overwhelmed by sadness, fear or anger while others suffer from self-doubt or regret. Some patients struggle with unhelpful attachments to substances, behaviors or other people.

Whatever the reason for seeking help, if you’ve decided you want to talk with someone about what’s bothering you, therapy can be a safe place to begin.


During the 15+ years that I have worked with couples, I have found that focusing solely on issues from the past rarely brings people closer. Instead, I encourage couples to talk about what they want for themselves and from each other right now, to look at and listen to each other in the moment.

I am an active participant in couple’s therapy, encouraging each person to speak and at the same time sharing my observations and insights. My experience with couples has taught me that greater intimacy and connection are possible, given a safe place to explore, laugh and learn together.

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