Many of our most significant insights and emotional experiences happen during the course of our relationships. This is especially true of our first, and often most important, relationships. Our initial encounter with the way another person views us, our first look at the reflection of our selves in the words of another, is often so important that it can affect our own self image for the rest of our lives. Over time, we tend to internalize these early experiences of what was said about us, even if those observations were never, or are no longer, true. Often, much of what we think about becomes unconscious, leaving us ignorant of why we act the way we do.

One goal of therapy is to give you more insight into what until now may have been mostly unconsciously motivated. With this new insight you will be able to make conscious choices, instead of merely acting on subconscious drives.

Another goal of therapy is to provide a different kind of relationship, one where you can experience yourself in new and more positive ways.

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